DFDS Direct setup fully in place

The collaboration between Logistics, Digital, and IT, which forms DFDS Direct. From left: Riccardo Cereser (Digital), Gabriella Simon (IT), Ignas Bagdonas (IT, external), Christian Jess (IT), Tynan Debold (IT, external), Casper Michaelsen (IT), Gauvain Haulot (DFDS Direct), Valdemar Warburg (BU Nordic), Rebecca Colvin (DFDS Direct), Rasmus Pedersen (Smart Data), Henrik Killander (DFDS Direct) and Baran Ozan (DFDS Direct)


A few months ago, we shared the news of a new DFDS Direct department taking shape. The team being led by Gauvain Haulot will build the digital business within the Logistics Division in line with the strategic goals of Win23’s Pillar B.

For this purpose, the team has several main priorities.
• Boost adoption of current digital booking and post-booking services by our existing customers.
• Roll out and develop automated quotes in close collaboration with Smart Data.
• Enhance digital value proposition with instantly priced products for our existing customers.
• Scale digital value proposition to new customers.

These aim to support the business and, adding new online revenue streams while digitalising the current way of doing business and increasing operational efficiency, for instance by helping sell empty runnings.

The team is truly cross-functional and is a collaboration between Logistics, IT, and Digital: Gauvain and his team (Henrik, Rebecca, and Baran) report to Valdemar Warburg, VP and Head of BU Nordic. Rasmus and Riccardo are part of Sophie-Kim Chapman’s Digital department, and the IT colleagues (Gabriella, Casper, Christian as well as the external developers) are part of IT.

DFDS Direct will also collaborate closely with the Automated Quotes team from Smart Data and Sarah Holloway from Logistics, as they have built and are improving the pricing engine – one of the core capabilities of DFDS Direct.

We welcome three new team members

Rebecca Colvin, Operations Lead. Rebecca has almost 10 years of experience with DFDS Logistics, with more than half of it as route manager in Immingham then Vlaardingen. She will ensure close collaboration with the Logistics offices and smooth integration of the digital tools in daily operations.

Henrik Killander, Business Development and Marketing Lead. Henrik has been with DFDS for four years as Marketing Manager. In the new role he will leverage his knowledge of state-of-the-art digital business and marketing.

Baran Ozan, Business and Data Analyst, who will support DFDS Direct with data analysis to make informed, data-driven decisions. Baran just graduated from CBS in finance and accounting.

Gauvain Haulot, Director of DFDS Direct, says: “We approach this huge challenge with humility. It’s a fresh start for this ambition that we have for developing the online business in Logistics, and we look forward to closely collaborating with our Logistics colleagues. We have prepared well and assembled the team, and we are also learning a lot as we progress.”

Valdemar Warburg, VP and Head of BU Nordic, says: “I welcome our colleagues, both new and those transitioning to Logistics! DFDS Direct is much more than an online booking platform. It is how we interact with our customers and automate our processes. And while we now have a strong, experienced, and dedicated support team, we in the Logistics Division are the ones who will implement the changes, as we transform our booking, post-booking, and spot selling activities in the coming months.”

November 8, 2019