DFDS Direct campaign results

DFDS Direct campaign reached 450K+ potential customers and 100+ customers signed up to use the platform – thanks to you!

Back in August, DFDS Logistics and Marketing launched a 5-week campaign to promote DFDS Direct on social media and through emails to existing customers. It went better than expected, largely thanks to the DFDS colleagues who supported the email push and shared videos on social media prompting their network to try the new DFDS booking platform that makes it easy to get a quote, book, track shipments and manage freight documents online.

“The main goal for the campaign was to get more customers to use DFDS Direct and make more people aware of its benefits, both internally and externally,” says DFDS Direct Business Development and Marketing Lead Henrik Killander. “We exceeded our target of 100 customers signing up to the platform, and generated 50 potential customer leads to DFDS Direct. Employee-sharing led to 75,000 video views and five requests to Get started with DFDS Direct. A result that everyone involved can be proud of.”


Navigating with data

“Monitoring the performance daily helped us continually evaluate and adjust our tactics to strive for the set targets,” says Digital Marketing Consultant Agne Garcia. “Mid-campaign, we could see that most people were not filling in the information we would like when they landed on our web form, so we changed the plan and applied the forms on the social media site instead. This simple change resulted in more potential customer leads being generated. The solid collaboration and data-sharing between the DFDS Direct team and B2B Marketing helped us be more proactive and achieve the campaign goals.” 

“We also learnt that emails can work well when it comes to supporting a product launch,” says MarTech Specialist Ade Wesley. “It’s basically a free resource, save for the manhours needed for the set-up and monitoring. Email marketing really is a format with great potential across DFDS.”


Thank you!

Although the campaign is over, the work to promote DFDS Direct continues. “We’re looking into paid search opportunities and how to convert the many leads into more actual bookings,” Killander says. “This is the best possible start DFDS Direct could hope for and we are so grateful to our sharing colleagues for joining the campaign. Without them, the targeted markets in North-western Europe and the Baltics would not have opened their ears to DFDS Direct the way they have now.”

“For us, this is more than just a campaign to spread the word about a new digital service for DFDS Logistics customers,” says Head of DFDS Direct Gauvain Haulot. “This is also about positioning DFDS as a digital, modern company that makes it easier for customers to manage their logistics. I am proud of the entire team’s effort and hope to be able to collaborate with you all again on future initiatives.”


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October 9, 2020