DFDS acquires Freeco Logistics in Finland and Freeco Oü in Estonia

Dear everyone,

I am extremely pleased to inform you about a promising expansion of our logistics network. Today we signed the contracts that made the Finnish company Freeco Logistics and Freeco Oü in Estonia the newest part of DFDS.

Freeco Logistics is based in Turku in southwestern Finland and has additional offices in Vantaa and Tallinn in Estonia, employs 31 staff and operates 150 trailers and 8 trucks.

Freeco Logistics is a fast growing company and one of the most profitable road freight companies in Finland

Together with the combined skills and knowledge of colleagues from both companies, we will get critical mass in a market where we have previously only operated with six people from DFDS Finland. Together, we will be able to expand and strengthen Freeco’s and DFDS’ current activities between Finland, Estonia and the Nordic, Continental Europe, the Baltics and UK & Ireland. We will also get more products on the palette as our services will include trailer, container, full-loads, part-loads, special cargo, project cargo, and contract logistics.

In the future, DFDS Logistics will thus have offices in Turku, Kotka and Vantaa in Finland as well as in Tallinn in Estonia.

So now, it is up to us all to support this new and expanded team to get the most out of this fantastic situation.

To do this, we will now start the integration of the two operations in the well-known DFDS Way, in this case with 11 workstreams. The workstreams will be comprised of people from both Freeco Logistics and DFDS and Timo Ruusunen, Henri Hoikkala and Kimmo Salmi will guide the work. The integration work will be overlooked by a Steering Committee consisting of myself and Valdemar, and there will be capable assistance from Morten Rødgaard-Hansen from Strategy & Consulting and Marianne Peltola from Freeco finance.

Please join me in giving our new colleagues from Freeco Logistics a warm welcome to DFDS. We have high expectations, and with our Staying Ahead project and our Win23 strategy, I am confident we can increase our combined Finnish revenues from EURO 35 million to 50 million in 2023 – and in this process win many new and satisfied customers and create new jobs.

We will soon inform you about the integration work in more detail and keep you regularly updated about the process via the Bridge and www.dfds-news.com

Congratulations to everyone in Logistics and DFDS, and thank you to those of you who contributed to this.

Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division.


Niklas Andersson is Executive Vice President of DFDS, Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division and member of the DFDS Executive Management Team of six. He was promoted EVP on 1 September this year from his previous position as Head of Logistics’ BU Nordic and Continent. Niklas is from Gothenburg in Sweden and moved to DFDS House in Copenhagen, where he now has his office.

Valdemar Warburg is Vice President and Head of BU Nordic. Valdemar joined DFDS in 2017 as Head of Transformation Office and was in 2019 appointed Head of BU Nordic. The new Finnish organisation is part of BU Nordic and Timo Ruusunen will report to Valdemar Warburg.

Timo Ruusunen, who is co-owner of Freeco Logistics will be DFDS’ new MD for our Finnish activities. He will report to Valdemar Warburg, VP and head of BU Nordic, Logistics Division.

Henri Hoikkala, who is the other co-owner of Freeco Logistics, will be the new Operations Director in Finland and Estonia.

Kimmo Salmi, DFDS’ current MD in Kotka, will be our new Logistics Director in the new and much larger Finnish organization.

December 19, 2019