Christmas trees on time

200.000 Christmas trees will over the next three weeks be loaded on DFDS trailers in Jutland and shipped via our Esbjerg-Immingham ferries to the UK.


Christmas time is a lot less elusive than a Brexit date. It doesn’t move as we get closer to it. But it still needs preparations, and those preparations – that also include the supply of Christmas trees – are gaining speed now.

The Christmas trees that you will soon be able to buy in UK streets and markets, won’t all be homegrown. Many of them grew on farms and in forests in Denmark and will over the next weeks arrive in the UK with the help of DFDS.

As you can see in the picture, we are in full swing loading trailers with Christmas trees in cooperation with our Danish haulage partners. The trailers will be taken to the UK on board our ferries on the Esbjerg-Immingham route and further on to the Christmas markets by UK haulers.

“Over the next three weeks we expect to send 200 trailers loaded with Christmas trees to the UK. This adds up to about 200.000 trees. This is a good, however quite seasonal, business for us. And it certainly feels nice to be able to help ensure that 200.000 British homes can enjoy a traditional Christmas with a Christmas tree to make it perfect,” says Selina Lindquist, Director of Logistics Denmark.

The Danish logistics team – ready to ensure the supply of Christmas trees for UK Families – and a lot of other goods needed by UK consumers at Christmas and between Christmases.

November 8, 2019