Shell dell'edificio completo

Thank you to Jan Kierstein for sharing the photo with us,.

The construction of our new HQ recently reached a new milestone as the shell was completed in beginning of July.

The two massive cranes inside the building will now be removed and in the following weeks, the construction crew will start to focus on closing the building. This will ensure a safe and healthy work environment and protect the interior from the weather conditions coming autumn and winter. The building is expected to be fully closed in November, so the interior work can start afterwards.

Michael Sandberg, Project Director, says: “Earlier this week, I visited the construction site to see the progress and got the opportunity to walk all the way up to the seventh deck where the view is really something special.

“In August, we will try to arrange tours for colleagues, so you can experience the scale of our new HQ and get a feeling of how the building will look from the inside. More info about the tours will come after the summer vacation.”

Thank you to Emil Christiansen for sharing the pictures with us

10 luglio 2020