NorthSea Terminal in nuova collaborazione con la compagnia di navigazione MSC

NorthSea terminal in Brevik, Norway.

After long negotiations with shipping company MSC, it is a pleasure to announce that from 11 November the NorthSea terminal in Brevik will deliver port service to MSC’s container shipping service in the Oslofjord.

Thorbjørn Aasig Lund, Managing Director in Brevik, says: “We are looking forward to the collaboration with MSC where we are responsible for the handling of containers. It is fantastic to see the recent growth in Brevik. Within 14 days, we went from two weekly calls to Rotterdamn to also include Hamburg, Breverhaven and now Antwerp with this new cooperation”

With the addition of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Antwerp, we expect to double our current volumes by 2021 and handle around 60,000 containers. This is a good start to meet our strategic goal of handling around 100,000 containers by 2023. The growth into 2021 will make us Norway’s second largest container terminal, after we have been the 10th largest container terminal for many years.”

5 novembre 2020