Vilnius Seaways festeggia il suo trentesimo anniversario

Vilnius Seaways is celebrating her 30th anniversary and Captain Leontij Jemeljanov writes about its history and some of the persons involved.

On 31 October, exactly 30 years will have passed since the flag was hoisted on the brand new Vilnius Seaways and she became the newest ship in the Lithuanian fleet. For many years, the ferry operated on the Klaipėda – Mukran (Germany) route. She was quite a unique ship and in 1991, she made it into Guinness World Records as the largest rail ferry in the world – and a very efficient one. It took only four hours to unload 100 railway wagons and load 100 new.

“We remember the ship’s first captains, who worked on it for many years. They are captains Vladimir Zharkov and Romualdas Shostokas. Due respect must also be given to our boatswain Romualdas Balshaitis, who has been working on the ship since her first days. Many navigators and mechanics who worked on the ship later became captains and chief engineers,” says Captain Leontij Jemeljanov.

After 25 years in the Baltic Sea, following the closure of the railway route Klaipėda – Mukran, the ship is now successfully mastering the Black Sea between ports in Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine.

“Congratulations to all who have ever worked on our ship. We wish this beautiful lady luck and a calm sea,” says Leontij Jemeljanov.


30 ottobre 2017