Come segnalare gli incidenti di sicurezza in modo anonimo

Working on board vessels and handling heavy cargo sometimes leads to dangerous situations. Safety for all employees is the number one priority at DFDS, and we need to do better and make DFDS a safer place to work for everyone.

Michael Stig, Designated Person, says: “The most efficient way to improve safety is by learning from incidents and near-misses that already happened, and that is why it is so important that all incidents are reported.

We do have a ‘just culture’ at DFDS, and anyone should feel confident about reporting an incident without fear of negative consequences. You should normally use your local safety reporting tool to report incidents. But if you do not wish to do so, or if your nearest reporting line does not acknowledge your report, there are a number of methods you can use instead. The most important thing is that all incidents are reported one way or another.”

Jesper Hartvig Nielsen, Corporate Port Captain, adds: “Locally ashore, there will also be follow-ups on this as there are various methods of reporting incidents, depending on location and applicable laws.”

In addition, a new health and safety reporting system for land-based reporting colleagues was kicked off last week.

How to report incidents anonymously:

– Report to the Designated Person (DP or DPA):
You can report directly to the DP or the DP substitutes. You can do this via any channel you wish, for instance by phone or by sending us an email with your report or concerns. If you wish to remain anonymous, just do not give your name and don’t use an email account containing your name or personal details. You can find the DP contact details in the SMS manual (Chapter 4 and Chapter 8), the Emergency Response Manual or search for us on the Bridge under ‘People’.

– Report to the vessel’s flag state or the Health and Safety authority ashore:
If you do not wish to report to DFDS but instead to the authorities ashore, this is of course also possible. The various flag states and health and safety authorities all have different reporting lines. You can find their contact information online.
Below is a list of the flag state authorities that we have for our vessels at DFDS:






– Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) complaints:
For our ships, there is also a reporting line for complaints under the MLC. You can complain through this system about subjects falling under the auspices of the MLC. You can report to both the company and to the MLC authority in your country of residence.
Contact information to the various MLC authorities are posted on board our ships and in the SMS under Chapter 6.
Alternatively, you can search the ILO website for contact information.

The DFDS whistle-blower system:
Employees and external stakeholders can anonymously file a report in our whistle-blower system in case of an actual or suspected serious offence that may affect DFDS as a whole or which may be crucial for the life or health of individuals.

It is only possible to report on matters relating to DFDS. The following areas are covered by the whistle-blower system:
– Financial fraud, such as theft and embezzlement of DFDS assets and funds, vendor fraud, acceptance of kickbacks, accounting manipulation, breaches in internal accounting controls and auditing matters.
– Serious violations of the DFDS Code of Business Conduct. These include breaches of health, safety and environment regulations, conflicts of interest, acts of corruption including bribery or facilitation payments, unethical donations or gifts or entertainment to business partners or public officials by DFDS employees or third parties acting on behalf of DFDS. Violations of insider trading rules or competition law are also included, as are breaches of IT security and (except in France and Belgium due to local laws) sexual harassment, workplace harassment and discrimination.
The system consists of a website which is managed by an independent third party to ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality. Reports filed through the whistle-blower system are handled by designated employees within DFDS under the guidance of DFDS’ General Counsel. Where the report concerns the General Counsel, the report will only be sent to the CEO.

Reports concerning the Executive Management as well as members of the Board of Directors will be sent to the Chairman of the Board while reports concerning the Chairman of the Board will be sent to an appointed external law firm.

A link to the system can be found here and at the very bottom of

22 settembre 2020