Ottimo inizio per SIRS a Brevik

Thorbjørn Aasig Lund and Stian Larsson
As part of the initiatives for the Safety First Programme, a new reporting tool SIRS (Safety Incident Reporting System) has been introduced in various terminals and warehouses.

At Brevik terminal, the tool has taken off with a great start. Shortly after introducing the tool, we saw the first reports for Brevik, and the terminal was quick to implement and start using the new reporting system.

“The old deviation report was outdated and on a small paper. It had a few regular health and safety lines and a little empty blank space where we could write down in short words what had happened. Having our mindset on being more innovative and more focused on safety and the environment, SIRS came just in perfect time for us,” says Safety Representative Stian Larsson. “I am very happy with this improvement and especially how easy it is to use”.

Small stickers with QR codes have been placed in machines and buildings, which makes it very easy for employees and third parties to report it if an incident should occur. The follow-up and possible corrective actions needed to rectify the safety reports are done by the safety representative and managers all together.

MD at Brevik terminal Thorbjørn Aasig Lund says: “When we have a bit more data, the next step for us in Brevik will be to evaluate safety performance and share findings and best practice with our colleagues in the terminal in Brevik and within the rest of the DFDS network”.

22 gennaio 2021