Niels Smedegaard parla al forum marittimo europeo a Cipro

Niels Smedegaard in a panel debate with, among other, Violetta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Mobility and Transport, at Maritime Cyprus 2017. Niels participated as chairman of ECSA who had their Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting in connection with the forum.

The conference Maritime Cyprus, which takes place every other year, has grown into an important forum where decision makers from European shipping congregate to discuss the future of the industry.  This year, it welcomed, among other, Mr Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the IMO, Ms Violette Bulc, EU commissioner for Mobility and Transport – and Niels Smedegaard who joined the forum in his role as Chairman of ECSA.

“ECSA had decided to hold their board meeting and Annual General Meeting in connection with the forum,” says Niels who gave a speech last Monday, on the forum’s first day, and participated in a panel debate on the second day.

The theme was the Future Shipping Strategy & Regulator versus Industry. Niels was addressing “The exponential development in computing power and new technologies” which will accelerate and challenge companies and regulators. “We cannot and should not try to stop the development, but embrace it and look at the opportunities,” he said.

He also recommended the IMO to increase the speed of the regulatory process in order to stay relevant, and shipping to be more proactive. He pointed to the ballast water regulation and the 14 years it required to get into force as an example of this. He also pointed out that local regulation in the EU will rather weaken European shipping than inspire other nations to follow.  “I would like to commend the European Sustainable Shipping Forum as an excellent example for closer cooperation, but we need to accelerate the speed of our work,” he said.

30 ottobre 2017