Record di volume sulle rotte di Klaipeda

On 9 March, a total of 7555 lane meters of cargo went out of Klaipeda to Kiel and Karlshamn altogether. It is an absolute record on Baltic routes despite the pandemic related restrictions.

We have strong demand, which we are able to accommodate thanks to sweeper vessels – Ark Futura and Finlandia Seaways, operating on both routes in addition to four ro-pax vessels Regina Seaways, Victoria Seaways, Athena Seaways and Optima Seaways that serve the routes on regular basis. In order to obtain maximum utilization of the additional capacity, the Route Directors Aleksej Slipenciuk (Klaipeda – Kiel) and Per-Henrik Persson (Klaipeda – Karlshamn) have carefully planned the schedule, where four vessels had to be loaded almost simultaneously – with just one hour difference between departures.

Every peak departure puts pressure on the terminal and operations staff as it does on city infrastructure. With 7.5km of cargo it was no exception. Ambitious joint plans of improving the infrastructure, including installation of additional photo gate, expanding waiting area for the trailers and full reconstruction of the road leading to the terminal, are among those being planned.

I would like to thank everyone involved, both ashore and at sea, for this fantastic result. You should all be proud of your contribution. Let’s continue in this spirit as we anticipate the state-of-art newbuilds scheduled for delivery in the nearest future.

19 marzo 2021