OFC: ottime prestazioni di trasporto

The Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen route was relaunched in week 25 with the addition of Frederikshavn. Following this, the route experienced a great development in freight volumes and from week 40 to 45 volumes were even far ahead compared to last year.

From week 45, the route unfortunately had to temporarily lay-up 50% of the tonnage due to the pandemic and travel restrictions between Denmark and Norway.

“This left us with a rolling schedule and only half of our freight capacity, however, already after two weeks the freight figures were back on track and delivered volume ahead of last year. We are happy to see the trend is still pointing upwards – a fantastic achievement” says Freight Manager Lars Kristian Haugen.

He continues: “After a big disruption to our service, I am very proud to see our customers being very loyal and adapting quickly to our new schedule. All customers are still using the service and our biggest problem now, is to have enough capacity to offer.”

Loyalty earned through collaboration
“You cannot just expect this kind of loyalty. It is something that was earned through hard work and dedication from everyone involved” says Kasper Hægeland Svenningsen, Managing Director, Ferry Norway.

“The operation on both sides of the water, the sales force, the people on board and the fantastic cooperation between Passenger and Freight. Together we overcome many obstacles at the moment. A huge thanks to everybody. We are ready with a great platform when the service is back to normal!” says Kasper.

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, says:”It is extremely pleasing to see all the hard work and collaboration by the DFDS family has paid off to the benefit of the route. I am really looking forward to welcoming Crown Seaways back in operation to fulfil the full potential”.

17 dicembre 2020