Servizio Wi-Fi su determinati traghetti del Baltico

Starting this summer, Wi-Fi service is available on select ferries, both in public commercial areas and in cabins. Passengers can choose to buy Wi-Fi for one hour, three house or the entire trip, as well as benefit from a group package offer.

“We are not simply catching up but taking a step further. One of the upcoming projects to be launched this year is the Onboard Entertainment Portal with a media library and trip information like campaigns, location, etc. Even though COVID-19 affected our installation plans quite heavily – lots of things had to be coordinated remotely, travel and shipment arrangements had to be re-adjusted – the great collaboration between Fleet management, Deck & Engine and our partners resulted in a successful project. Thanks to Sergej Duriagin and Christian Bagger for their help and expertise!“ says Linas Lesauskas, Project Manager, BU Baltic.

Telenor Maritime has been the leading global communication operator at sea since 2004. The secure connectivity platform serves multiple wireless and access technologies, provides mobile coverage, internet and backhaul for the maritime industry.

Kate Smeland Kundsen, Telenor Sales Manager Ferry at Telenor Maritime explains: “Our service portal can facilitate many added-value functions such as upselling merchandise, advertising, messaging passengers, room service, ship tracking, ticket integration, and ‘find your cabin.’ Future services like Video on Demand, music, books, and shopping will continuously be included. This summer we are set to launch our new and improved landing page for onboard Wi-Fi services. It comes with a revised design to make it more user-friendly and with unique value-adding features opening up for new and exciting business models, services, and co-marketing opportunities for both DFDS Baltic and third parties. All in all, actively supporting the ambition to make your fleet even more attractive to passengers. That’s your advantage of us leading the evolution of secure connectivity at sea.”

24 luglio 2020

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