Gli artisti locali abbelliscono i traghetti del Baltico

How can we support local talent while decorating our ferries with thoughtful, eye-catching art? That’s the idea behind this summer’s rotating art collection featuring local artists’ work on all DFDS Baltic’s Lithuanian and Estonian ferries.

“We want to show the creativity of the region to our diverse range of passengers“, says Vilma Songailaitė, OBS Communications and Marketing Manager.

This new art tradition kicked off with a series of black and white photographs by Lithuanian artist INGAJA (Inga Mikulėnė).

Born and raised in Klaipėda, Inga is a singer-songwriter whose art and music reflect the local natural and cultural landscape. “My photograph series features landscapes and the sentiment of wilderness which is the core of my photography, and is a call to notice and appreciate nature’s beauty all around us“, Inga explains.


INGAJA‘s exhibition is on until November 2020.

Contact Vilma Songailaitė to learn more about this creative initiative.

24 luglio 2020

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