BU Baltic Chefs de Cuisine impara dal meglio

As part of the revamp of the dining experience on board, the BU Baltic chefs recently attended a workshop on board Patria Seaways. The event was sponsored and hosted by Bonduelle, DFDS’ supplier of tinned foods, and Lukas Semezevicius, the President of the Lithuanian branch of the World BBQ Association, also attended. Using Bonduelle vegetables, Lukas Semezevicius convincingly demonstrated and presented various ingredients, dishes and techniques to the participants.

Vaidas Krumas, Executive Chef for the Baltic routes and responsible for this event, says: “With the chefs from our vessels participating, we had the opportunity to show them new vegetarian recipes and showcase a selection of new ingredients. Lukas Semezevicius is a TV celebrity chef, thus bringing him on board creates a unique learning experience for our crew. Healthy eating options for our passengers are important as well as having a wide range of dishes available in our buffet-style selection. Ingredients that come conveniently pre-packaged simplify the processes for our head chefs and cooks in the galley.”

From left to right, celebrity chef Lukas Semezevicius and Vaidas Krumas from Onboard Sales, BU Baltic.

Lukas Semezevicius in action.


Giugno 6, 2018