Tracking the IT and Digital transformation

Recently, around 100 colleagues from IT and Digital met in Harbour House in Copenhagen to get an update and provide feedback on the IT and Digital transformation process, which was launched in October 2017.

Torben Carlsen gave a status on the transformation and highlighted some of the milestones already reached: “I would like to thank everyone in IT and Digital for your support in the past six months. We are not done with our transformation, but we are definitely on the right track. It is great to see how teams and individuals embrace the new structure and create further speed and progress. It is through cooperation and enthusiasm within and across IT, digital and the divisions that we can deliver fast, high quality and secure products and services to our internal and external customers.”

VP of Digital, Sophie-Kim Chapman, and VP of IT, Gert Møller, gave a joint presentation. They dived into the governance model and explained in detail how the IT and Digital organisation is structured.

“For many of our colleagues in IT and Digital, the change is increasingly more visible now that we have the organisation in place. There’s a reason we call it a transformation – transformations are huge and painful. Although today is about one particular step towards that transformation, the whole thing is much bigger. Agility is key to addressing the pace of change – and we all need to expect more change,” says Sophie-Kim.

Now that we are a few months into the transformation process, there has been progress across a range of strategic initiatives, such as the new architecture, outhousing of the data centre, the delivery process for new development and the innovation management process. Various members of IT and Digital presented a brief update on the status of these initiatives, which are all supporting our goals of faster time to market and great customer experience.

The day ended with a fireplace session, where participants could anonymously put questions to Gert and Sophie-Kim via “A lot of very interesting and good questions came up and made room for an open dialogue, which was the intention for this session. One of them was why we are not gathering IT and Digital in one joint department. It is very important to have a high professional level, and that requires dedicated focus in some areas, and to be able to do that, we need to separate things. But with the new governance structure, we both support the cooperation across departments and in the teams within our individual departments,” says Gert.


Going forward

Within the next few months, another evaluation meeting will take place to make sure that we continue to develop in the right direction.

Training & Development will help implement a feedback and coaching culture across departments to ensure that we keep collaborating and sharing best practices.

March 26, 2018