Phoenix Build Team visits Gothenburg

Knowing the business is one of the core components of any successful build team. And therefore, the Phoenix Build Team recently headed to Gothenburg to learn how the end-users use and have evolved Phoenix to fit the terminal’s needs.

The team had a tour of all business areas of Gothenburg. “We expect that this tour and the knowledge we gain will help us make Phoenix much more efficient and easier to use,” says John Smith, Phoenix developer.

“I wanted to get a deeper understanding of how Phoenix is used in conjunction with other systems, especially in terms of operations, and to understand the differences between each of the ports,” says David Whitehand, also developer of the Phoenix team.

The team also visited warehouses at the port and saw how the cassettes are taken from the ship to shed and then back onto the ship to be reused.

“Learning about how warehouses have to deal with the endless amount of cargo that gets shipped to Gothenburg was very interesting. And we ended the visit with a trip onto the bridge of Petunia Seaways where we met with Captain Anders Hall, which was also a great experience,” adds David.

“We would like to thank all the staff in Gothenburg including terminal, warehouse and Petunia Seaways, for making this rewarding trip a possibility. Being able to put yourself in the users’ shoes more accurately can only lead to better design decisions and help you provide a better experience for the users”, says Scott Smith, Phoenix developer.


Phoenix Build Team in Gothenburg

Phoenix Build Team in Gothenburg

March 20, 2018