Monthly EPR status: Project on track

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project is currently on track and going according to the plan.

Luisa Bæk Lund, IT Project Manager, says: “During the last couple of months, we have conducted more than 20 workshops as part of the design phase. Additionally, a revised roll-out plan has been approved by all finance managers and programme owner, Jesper Mikkelsen Heilbuth, VP. Lastly, a change management training and education tour has been planned with the first stop in Poznań this week.”

From today, each month a brief status on the ERP project will be shared on the ERP project page on the Bridge.
The status covers updates on:
– Overall project status and progress (by Luisa Bæk Lund, General Project Manager)
– Finance status (by Vinothkrishna Rangamani, Finance Project Manager)
– Infrastructure and Integration (by Sunil Behera, Technical Solution Architect)
– HR status (by Jørgen Svare, HR module Project Manager)
– Procurement module (by Mona Todnem, Procurement module Project Manager).

“The programme management team hopes this will create more transparency around the ERP project and sees this as a great way to share how much work and effort is being put in by track leads and project members,” says Luisa.

October 31, 2019