Merged Ferry Freight DIO and IT Fulfilment Departments streamline processes

Merged Ferry Freight DIO and IT Fulfilment Departments reduce complicatedness and overlapping roles. As some roles disappear, we are looking for solutions for five colleagues.


During September 2019, the Freight DIO Office and the IT Fulfilment Management Team of the Ferry Division merged into a single department under the Management of Michael Herbæk.

“Even though everyone has done a great job and worked hard to deliver results, the previous complicated structure made it difficult to improve processes. Therefore, the purpose of the merger was to reduce complicatedness to improve our digital processes and ability to deliver better solutions faster,” says Michael Herbæk, Head of the merged Freight DIO and IT fulfilment department.

“We have now had time to evaluate the optimum structure for the department, and have identified a number of overlapping functions and opportunities for streamlining our processes. As a result we will put in place a new structure that follows the one introduced in Logistics. This new structure strengthens the role of Product Owner and dedicates Product Owners to supporting specific objectives & capabilities. We are confident that these changes will help us achieve the goals of the merger of the departments,” says Michael.

“Unfortunately, those more streamlined processes will mean that some roles will disappear and this will regrettably reduce need for staff in the department by a few positions.”

“The people affected are all very good colleagues who have done a great job, and we are therefore doing our best to look for other opportunities in the organisation. There are still five persons left without a role in the organisation, and we are now in dialogue with them and their union representatives in order to look for other solutions. The affected colleagues are working in the UK and Holland, and naturally, we will support them to the best of our ability in the process ahead if no solution can be found at DFDS,” says Michael.

January 9, 2020