Master Data launches site and vessel lists

Master Data has recently deployed two lists in the Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS). One presents information about all locations where our colleagues work, while the other is a vessel list showing a set of information about the fleet.

The lists allow better planning of local support, incident handling, planning of equipment replacements etc. and they help prevent mistakes. This is because several Excel spreadsheets in multiple copies in the organisation are replaced with one central location for the data. This eliminates redundancy or inaccurate versions of the same data.

The site list has information about the local site and the active IT equipment being used to access DFDS’ IT systems. Each local site has a unique name and a unique code that once utilised and built into the computer, server and network names can ensure tracking of all IT assets belonging to that specific site.

Currently, the vessel list contains general information about the ships. However, we are planning to collect the technical data from the fleet management system, Sertica, and compile it in Master Data Services. This will result in a complete list.

Once the master data is utilised fully in the MDS, the site list and the vessel master data will be the ‘foundation’ to eventually link that asset information to the necessary operational systems.

Centralised lists contribute to smarter working and smoother integration
Jaenet Viale, IT Operations & Support, and Pawel Siedlecki, Master Data, coordinated the lists, and introduced them for IT Field Engineers and others who need to register the data. Appointed stakeholders also have access to ensure that parts of the data about a site or vessel are updated.

Lloyd Middleton, IT Operations & Support, says: “As the control of adding and removing sites and site codes have been centralised, we are now able to delegate the maintenance of certain information, e.g. users per site, to the local field engineers in IT Operations & Support. This is without extra administrative work and republishing the list. Since the end of March, they have been able to maintain relevant data directly in the MDS.”

June 24, 2020