Istanbul team joins Integration support

Three developers in the Istanbul Integration team have now joined the rotation in EDI and Integration support. From left: Haluk Iltas, Yusuf Tezcan and Kemal Teke


DFDS continues to gather locations into a fully unified business. The newest example of this is the addition of our Istanbul office into the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Integration support teams, which handle a large variety of request tickets from across the organisation. Many parts of the business rely on this support, including Logistics, Ferry, Finance, Sertica, Product Owners and Human Resources.

To strengthen the function, three developers in the Turkish Integration team, Haluk Iltas, Yusuf Tezcan and Kemal Teke, have now joined the rotation in EDI and Integration support, adding Istanbul as our third location for this function together with Vlaardingen and Copenhagen.

The developers began handling support in week 42 with Integration Developer Jan Kierstein on location to assist and to train them in all the different support requests. The trio will have support duties, often in the first weeks to quickly acquire experience, with dedicated backup support from colleagues in Copenhagen and Vlaardingen.

Jan says: “We went through all tickets in Topdesk for EDI Support, handling internal alerts, emails from external parties, internal users, etc. Even though they handled a big variety of support requests a lot more will probably come over time. Handling EDI/Integration support is an opportunity to look at many different solutions and set-ups, interacting with many different parties and learning more about all DFDS’ systems. The issues faced can be technical, operational, wrongly entered information, network problems, external parties having issues and much more.”

After their initial support weeks, the EDI/Integration support will be handled in rotation by:
Bent Christensen, Vlaardingen
Frans Faneker, Vlaardingen
Haluk Iltas, Istanbul
Yusuf Tezcan, Istanbul
Kemal Teke, Istanbul
Rajesh(waran) Kalaiselvan, Copenhagen
Mikael Lund, Copenhagen
Thor Fischer-Olsen, Copenhagen
Jan Kierstein (Hansen), Copenhagen
John Andersen, Copenhagen

November 6, 2019