Improving Phoenix: Development team gathers knowledge at BU Channel

When the Phoenix development team visited the Channel, they looked into all relevant aspects of the business, including getting a perfect view of the port’s layout and traffic flows from the top of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Greg McDonald and Sam Kinnaird, analyst from DFDS Phoenix development team based in Grimsby, and Phoenix product owner Tazz Shaw visited Dover, Calais and Dunkirk to gather knowledge about operations and the way the system is used.

Over four days, they learned about all relevant aspects of the operations. They sailed with the ships across the Channel, learned about port layout and operations, spent time in the freight and passenger offices and saw how boarding cards are processed and voyages are tallied in check-in booths. They also spent time with the loadmaster, and watched a full unloading and loading of a Dunkirk ship, seeing how the logistical challenges of filling the vessel from different parts of the port were overcome.

Following a visit to the terminal control and Dover’s White Cliffs for a bird’s eye view of the port’s layout and vehicle flows, they saw how bookings staff in Whitfield use the system, and discussed how the system could be tweaked to make processes more efficient.

“A big thank you to Monica Copley, Gary Whitling, Jesper Christensen, Cheryl Hawes and Hayley Hollett in Dover, and Hélène Hivart and Sebastien Douvry in France, for helping us gather valuable information, which we can use to make Phoenix even more efficient,” says Sam Kinnaird.

The time-lapse video of Dover port operations shows the flows of traffic in the busy port. Thanks to Tazz Shaw, Phoenix product owner.

March 15, 2018