DFDS to kick-off game changing ERP platform

Major IT initiative:  DFDS is implementing a so-called ERP platform that will replace systems such as Visma and Capnordic and be our new HR and indirect procurement platform. It will  be integrated with all major systems,  automate and improve quality in processes and help most of us increase efficiency in our work. The project will be kicked off in Copenhagen on 29 April.

The solution chosen is the new Microsoft D365 cloud system.

DFDS is on the brink of launching one of its biggest IT initiatives ever, and if your work involves a computer, it will most likely also affect you and your daily work.

The initiative concerns the purchase and implementation of the so-called ERP Platform. And as innocent as this may sound, the ERP platform will not only replace major systems such as Visma and Capnordic in Finance and other places, but it will also be our new HR platform and new indirect procurement platform. It will replace legacy systems and automate, digitise and improve quality in processes in those areas. It will also enable DFDS to be much better and faster at meeting demands from colleagues using the system and customers and partners working with us through integrated systems. It will therefore also need to be integrated with our fundamental sales and operating systems like Phoenix and Seabook, for example.

In short, it will be key to DFDS’ future ability to increase efficiency as well as our ability to respond to changes and new requirements.

Clarification phase begins
Therefore, it is a major project that in its first stage involves 30 dedicated experts from Finance, IT and business who have been working on the selection of the best system for the platform for more than a year. Now the team has reached a critical milepost and found its implementation partner by signing a contract with Danish-based international consultancy company Columbus just before Easter.

This means we can enter the long-awaited project clarification phase, which we began this week with Columbus. After the Clarification Phase, the ERP project can deliver its recommendation on a detailed programme scope on 28 June.

We will then have the opportunity to finally purchase the licenses for our future ERP platform, which will be Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have already negotiated and agreed on license prices, terms and conditions with Microsoft, but will only sign the agreement provided the Clarification Phase is successful.

On 29 April, DFDS and Columbus will arrange a kick-off in Copenhagen for the core programme participants and various stakeholders and follow it up with town hall meetings in other locations such as in Poznan, where our Polish colleagues have waited more than patiently for this programme to commence.

On behalf of the entire programme team,

Rene, Mona, Luisa, Mikkel and Jesper

April 26, 2019