CIO Gert Møller plans to retire at the end of 2019

The end of 2019 will see the end of an era in DFDS when DFDS’ IT icon Gert Møller will retire from his position as CIO.

“I have considered this for some time as I would like to spend more time on other things. I have decided to announce it already now to give DFDS the opportunity to plan the management change and recruit a new head of IT as early as possible. This will allow everyone to adapt to the new management in the best possible way and maybe even enable me to spend some time as an advisor for a new CIO,” says Gert.

It will be a strange feeling for Gert when he hands over the department to a new CIO. Although he started in his current position in 2002, he has worked with DFDS far longer – as a consultant developing cargo solutions from 1987. As a head of IT from 1993 to 2000 when the company grew from 900 staff to 9000. As a consultant during most of the two years he was employed outside DFDS. And from 2002 and the next 17 years as a CIO.

“I fully understand and respect Gert’s wish to step down after so many years in the center of our IT developments and operations. His importance to DFDS can hardly be overrated. He is an intelligent, hardworking and experienced manager who knows his IT business inside out, and what is more, he knows DFDS’ business and the transport industry inside out. With Gert at the rudder, our IT capabilities have increased massively in size as well as in tasks and complexity in line with the transformation of DFDS into a much larger and far more digitized company,” says Torben Carlsen.

“Gert has decided to announce his retirement in the same planned, conscious and responsible way he has been managing IT, again demonstrating why he has been so valuable to DFDS and paving the way for the future,” says Torben.

“We will now start the process of finding a replacement for Gert,” he says.


February 26, 2019

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