A new data centre becomes home for our non-cloud systems

One of the newly finished Tier 3 data centres for our non-cloud systems in Ejby and Ballerup, Denmark


We are pleased to announce that all our non-cloud systems are now running at our new data centre locations, hosted by NNIT in Ejby and Ballerup, Denmark. Previously the business-critical data centre was located at DFDS House.

After an extensive vendor evaluation process, followed by major purchases of IT equipment, countless planning meetings, cups of coffee, trips to the data centres, colourful discussions about cables, cabling and network routing, we can finally call it ‘done’. We have moved (for all to grow!)

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone at IT Run Source who went above and beyond to make this happen. Special thanks to Procurement, IT, Business and Finance for your invaluable contribution, patience and understanding during the move.

The move has provided us with the opportunity to refresh old hardware, set up a brand-new network infrastructure, and most importantly, provide a secure home for our valuable systems and data. A much-needed review and clean-up of old and inactive systems was also performed at the same time.

In total, we have 32 racks, 101 physical servers and 928 virtual servers, set up at two identical sites, each of which will act as a fall-back for the other.

1 August 2018 – Sizing up the new place. From left to right: John Andreasen (DFDS), Brian Bade (InterXion), Flemming Godskesen (DFDS), Martin Hansen (NNIT)

February 19, 2019