A happy update from Development Center Turkey

Team Bosphorus, one of the three teams in the Development Center in Turkey.


Our colleagues have worked hard on the Development Center in Turkey since last November, where they were just a handful of people. Now they are about to hit 22 team members.

Jan Devrim, Senior Director of Development Center Turkey, shares an update and a few success stories from the development.

Implementing a Development Center has been an interesting and a happy journey. We had to find a temporary office, hire first team members to initiate the spark, talk and talk and talk. It was a lot of talking, honestly.

Today, we have three major teams who are already delivering results, which makes me happy.

Integration team in Turkey is now well integrated
Our Integration Team, which is a part of the DFDS Integration Team, has completed many tasks so far. One of the major projects was the move from Amtrix. It was quite a learning experience and results seem to be very satisfying.

Michael Johansen, Team Lead for Integration, says: “The team in Turkey has learned rapidly and helped the Brexit process on top of Amtrix.” The Integration Team was recently in Istanbul to meet with their team members, to integrate further and for a short trip to beautiful Bosphorus. But we could never forget the great help and support of Rajeshwaran Kalaiselvan who has stayed with us for months. The first task for Integration Team was completed in December 2018.

Developing a new version of GTMS while optimising the current system
The second team is focused on the X-Dock version of GTMS (General Terminal Management System) that started development in February. This is the software used in Arendal terminal for managing inbound and outbound cargo.

Team Bosphorus is developing the new solution, currently called XMS, which will be overriding GTMS in the course of this year, and even now the feature shows great opportunity to create value for us and for our customers. Team Bosphorus are focused on coding a cloud based, scalable solution and the first feature has already been completed and is just about to be used in production. It includes scanning documents with multiscan features.

Also, another team was founded with Akif and Orkun to support the current version of GTMS. The team has already added value for the current application. Per Hjelmström from Arendal says that “they have saved hours of work every day with the optimisations.”

New app will ensure an improved customer experience
The third team in Istanbul is the App team, which is working on the new mobile application that will be in appstores somewhere in June. Our customers will be able to see their tickets, learn about schedules, and later they will have more opportunities to support our passenger business as well as freight. We can say that the team is processing fast and we are very excited to see it in the Appstore.

I hope this rapid success will open the doors for more solutions, and our development center here will fast forward from baby steps to running. This was real teamwork and I believe we have learned a lot, not from failures but successes.

May 24, 2019