Sweden: Colleagues from Logistics Division and Ferry Division attend career fair

From left Maria Clark, Martin Larsson, Fredrik Olofson and Peter Axelsson

Earlier this month, representatives from both Logistics Division and Ferry Division attended the career fair GADDEN at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law, to meet students and attract future talent to DFDS.

GADDEN is a two-day career fair with about 100 exhibiting companies and organisations, and with approximately 6,000 visitors. It is Scandinavia’s largest career fair for students within the fields of business, logistics, law and environmental science.

Maria Clark, HR Advisor, says: “We met a lot of logistics students, but also students within other areas, and this was a great opportunity for us to network with students and talk about what we do, and what opportunities there are within DFDS. We also received many questions about the DFDS trainee programme, which clearly shows that this is something that attracts future talent.”

“This is one of many steps for DFDS to become a more attractive and visible employer for future employees, and it is great fun and very enjoyable to go out and talk about our business together with colleagues from our different divisions. Together we represent One DFDS, and we are able to present the many opportunities that we have to offer.”

Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson talking to some of the students


Fredrik Olofson, Jens Bårman, Åsa Borg and Sofia Thompson after successful participation at the career fair

December 5, 2019