Jobindex: DFDS colleagues enjoy work more

The prize was a cake sponsored by Jobindex, and shared with colleagues at DFDS House today

If you are happy with working at DFDS, it seems you are not the only one. According to a report by well-known Danish job portal Jobindex who made a survey among Danish transport companies, DFDS scores best when it comes to happiness of work. Employees and former employees have responded to the survey, and with a score of 4.9 out of 5.0, DFDS won over other well-reputed Danish transport companies.

“It is great to hear. It seems that we scored high on great colleagues, and that many candidates for jobs at DFDS think of us as a company with positive values and exciting jobs. But it also shows that we can improve knowledge about DFDS, so thumbs up for you and the colleagues in HR for your achievements so far and good luck with the work to keep improving DFDS as an employer, which is something we all need to focus on,” says Torben Carlsen.

“I think that there are many reasons why we have won the prize, one of them is that DFDS is a dynamic international company where employees have the possibilities to get exciting jobs and still have time for their family,” says Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark.

You can read the Jobindex article here (written in Danish).

August 21, 2019