HR expands trainee programme on board Crown and Pearl to accommodate growing number of passengers from Asia

Josefine Jönsson (second from left) and some of the incoming trainees who will be working on board Crown or Pearl

In recent years, DFDS has experienced significant growth among our international guests, in particular guests from Asia, and this growth shows no sign of stopping. This year, we expect around 135,000 international guests, of whom 75,000 are from South Korea, Japan and China.
To accommodate this growth, DFDS has decided to expand the DFDS trainee programme, called the International Trainee Academy Certification programme (ITAC programme).

Securing great customer service with cultural knowledge and understanding
Josefine Jönsson, HR Manager, Cruise Routes, is responsible for the programme. She says: “The three-month programme on board Pearl and Crown will include 12 selected Asian students from various universities and business schools that offer tourism courses. The trainees will get ‘hands-on’ experience while supporting the crew on a wide range of assignments, including in the restaurants, shop and reception. This creates better links between guests from Asia and our colleagues on board, as the trainees will share cultural knowledge and insight. Additionally, the trainees will also be introduced to Nordic cultures and mindsets, while being on the frontline, meeting our international client portfolio face-to-face.”

Preparing the trainees for the voyage of a lifetime
“Starting work on board the ferries is a big change for anyone, let alone for people so far from home. We have therefore prepared a pre-boarding process to support the trainees and provide clear expectations before they arrive on board the ships. The trainees received pre-boarding material which describes the programme, gives an insight into DFDS and provides practical information about what they will be doing. Furthermore, the 12 trainees also participated in an ITAC workshop together with me, where we dug deeper into the organisation and culture, and took part in a ‘Yes We Will’ workshop facilitated by Training & Development,” says Josefine.

“I want to thank my colleagues Anne Boisen-Thøgersen, Tommy Brink, Kim Fuglsang and all the supportive leaders on board the ships. We have put this programme together to give the trainees the best possible experience with DFDS.”

During the ITAC program, the trainees will support the crew with even greater cultural knowledge and understanding

June 26, 2019