D365 HR live in HQ Denmark

Betina Lund and Hanne Hallstrøm from HR Denmark

In mid-May, HR Denmark went live with the new global HR system D365. It was a more digital roll-out and launch than expected due to the current corona circumstances, but it was successful, nevertheless.

Now both Continent and Denmark are live on D365 HR, and around 1,500 workers have been created in the system. Next up is BU Short Routes and Passengers which according to the plan will go live in week 27.

The new global HR system is part of the ERP program that will support both the global HR staff with master data for all land-based personnel (approx. 5,500 workers) as well as support Finance and Procurement. The aim for HR is to have implemented D365 Human Resource in all six HR areas, 20 countries and 60+ legal entities by the end of this year.

Betina Lund, HR Coordinator, says: “In order to ensure that we have the correct employee information on the Bridge as well as in D365, it is crucial that all managers with employees in Denmark inform HR regarding changes such as job titles, manager etc.”

Hanne Hallstrøm, HR Coordinator, adds: “The more correct data we receive, the better output for us all. Together, we can look forward to deliver “one data truth” in DFDS using the D365 system.”


May 26, 2020