150th anniversary shares programme: Ready to collect your identity documents

Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark, and Anneli Brandt, Jr HR Administrator

Some months ago we informed you about the approaching transfer of your shares – for those who were granted shares in 2016 – and asked you to prepare identity documents needed for the transfer.

Now HR are ready to receive your documents.

Jakob Hjorth-Hartmann, Head of HR Denmark, says: “We will begin with landbased employees presently employed in DFDS Denmark, who will soon receive an email with thorough information about the process of uploading their identity documents and a link to the system we use for secure document sharing. We hope it will all go smoothly and by starting with one country, we will discover any problem early on in the process and will have the opportunity to correct errors before rolling out to all the other countries. We expect to launch in all other countries during the next few weeks.”

Anneli Brandt, Jr HR Administrator, says: “Please be aware that the procedure varies according to whether you already have a Danish custody account for shares or not, and which country you live in, but everyone who was granted shares in 2016 must upload some documents for identification.”

“I also want to thank all the colleagues who helped us with valuable feedback on how best to help and inform all colleagues on board the ships and ashore, and I especially want to send warm thanks to the staff on board King Seaways, Princess Seaways and Britannia Seaways, who have supported me greatly and cordially welcomed me on board their ships.”

In a few months, when the identification process is over, we will provide further information about the transfer of your shares on the Bridge and on dfds-news.com. The transfer is expected to take place in late February or early March 2020.

In this video you can see an example of how to upload documents. Please note that the procedure and the documents needed vary from country to country.

October 23, 2019