Annual Report published

If you want an all round update on DFDS, there is no better source of information available than the full Annual Report 2020 that was just published.

The CSR report is focused on our many great initiatives regarding climate, diversity & inclusion, safety and other important topics. This is reviewed in detail in a separate article.

The Annual Report is focused on how DFDS managed through a year impacted by Brexit and the Covid-19 crisis.

“It details how we managed to adapt our passenger business to Covid-19 and how the freight business recovered to such an extent that volumes were back in full at the end of the year,” says Søren Brøndholt Nielsen VP of Corporate Communications.

“If you seek information about our company and the business units, staff, ferries, operations, routes, digital key events and how we in practice adapted and developed our business during the year, this is the place to look for it.”

“You will also find perspectives from both Claus Hemmingsen, our Chair of the Board, and Torben Carlsen along with our finances, the outlook, strategy and the risks we face. Hopefully, the company that emerges from the many pages will feel familiar to you,” says Søren.

You find the reports here.

February 24, 2021