The course is set for the Ship-Shore Forum

For the past eight months, our colleagues at sea and in the ports have been working together to reduce the ships’ port time. The reduced time in port will enable the ships to sail to their destination at a slower speed and save on fuel.

“The project is off to a great start and we can clearly see the benefits of the close cooperation in the various locations,” says Jesper Hartvig Nielsen, Corporate Port Captain, Fleet Management.

Last week a forum was held in Vlaardingen. The meeting was attended by representatives from all BUs and they shared best practice and discussed how the various tools provided by Fleet Management actually work.

“The meeting was very intense and rewarding and we clarified all the different challenges. One of the topics of discussion was the reports that are only available once the ship reaches its destination port and not straight after departure. This is a crucial matter and I will be looking into it in future. There are some areas with room for improvement and the forum proves how important it is to meet and share our experiences,” Jesper continues.

In Vlaardingen they have managed to leave six minutes earlier per departure since the project was launched in February this year. “The great result tells us that we can get far by putting our processes under scrutiny and by constantly challenging our ways of working to keep improving,” Jesper concludes.



The participants were:

BU North Sea North, Per Nordvang Operations Director;

BU North Sea South, Emma Leam Agency Director;

BU Baltic, Lars Hoffmann, Route and Terminal Director;

BU Mediterranean, Saïd Sid Port & Operations Manager;

BU Pax, Teun-Wim Leene Route Director;

BU Channel, Gary Whitling Strategy & Development Manager;

Vlaardingen, Mikael Mortensen Route Director;

Vlaardingen, Karsten Seven Route Operations Coordinator;

Vlaardingen, Lucien Stotefalk Agency Manager;

Vlaardingen, Jorik Van Oosterom Terminal Operations Manager;

Vlaardingen, Bartolome Bauza Project Manager;

Vlaardingen, Ritchie Keemink Agency Coordinator;

Anglia Seaways, Kim Carlson Captain;

Anglia Seaways, Allan Høeg Chief Officer;

Britannia Seaways Torben Sekjær Captain;

Britannia Seaways Michael Brun Nielsen Chief Officer;

Corona Seaways, Lars Andersson Captain.

November 23, 2017