Palletised bricks from DK to UK

16 March was a special day for Immingham as the Shipping Logistics Division for the first time chartered a side port bulk vessel loaded with palletised bricks from Thyboron (Denmark) to Immingham (UK). Following several weeks of negotiations with customer, UK Brick, and supplier, NRSB, it was rewarding to witness the first and last pallet discharged from the vessel, on time and in full.

Mike Hughes, Commercial Manager, says: “The success of this first service will now lead to more regular flows. We expect to have one per month, and approximately 20,000t of product per annum. From our dedicated brick storage point in Immingham, UK Brick distributes the product to all areas of the UK. The brick storage facility added significant value to the customer during the abrupt COVID-19 lockdown, which enabled the customer to require a second service on 27 April, even though much of the UK construction market was non-operational. “

The gradual easing of the lockdown has allowed the construction market to re-start operations, which has already seen all stock from the first vessel delivered and significant levels of stock from the second service also delivered. This has ensured the third service, scheduled to arrive on 29 June will continue as planned.

Mike says: “The customer is absolutely delighted with the service provided by DFDS, and the full door to door service offering, which includes the vessel chartering. This is a really big and important win, even more so during these strange times. A huge thank you goes out to all those involved in developing and delivering this new service, and we look forward to continuing with this new business for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.”

June 17, 2020