Northbound Gothenburg – Zeebrugge ferry utilises empty Stora Enso Container Units

A problem turned into a win as the Stora Enso Container Units are used both ways, opening up for new northbound volume.


It is always great to see challenges and problems turn into opportunities and wins at DFDS. In such a way, a problem of sorts arose with the return trip for the empty Stora Enso Container Units (SECUs), which are customised for carrying paper reels from Gothenburg to Zeebrugge, and were previously returned empty to Gothenburg.

But minds and hands were not idle. The new route between Zeebrugge and Gothenburg gives DFDS and customers a unique solution to load the empty northbound SECUs with all kinds of palletised cargo, paper, steel and other industrial cargo, two to three full trailers worth and up to 80 tonnes.

“We are now adapting the warehouse in Gothenburg not only for steel coils, special cargo and RDF handling, but also cross-docking cargo from SECU to trailers and road trains,” says David Wallgren, Operations Manager of Shipping Logistics & Special Cargo in the Ferry Division.

“We hope this setup will attract new volume to the route. We know the solution is very efficient and it helps forwarders and industrial customers ease the imbalance in the corridor, while we avoid shipping empty units.”

July 17, 2019