Massive generator and transformer via Kiel to Klaipėda

Reloading of the smaller 133-tonne generator with the help of two cranes, from barge onto road train. This road train had a length of 34.7m, a width of 3.95m and a total weight of 206 tonnes

Last week, our colleagues on the Kiel – Klaipėda route had some heavy lifting to do. On Tuesday, they arranged the transport of a 133-tonne generator from Kiel to Klaipeda on board Regina Seaways and the day after a 206-tonne transformer on Victoria Seaways.

The generator was delivered from Heldesleben in Germany and the transformer from Turkey, both to be used for an extension of the electricity network in Lithuania. They were transported to Kiel by barge and reloaded onto road trains that drove the units on board the ferries.

Due to the massive weight of both units, Port of Kiel needed to order an external crane to support their own crane with lifting the units from barge to road train as shown on the picture.

“It was an awesome demonstration of our ability to ship units of abnormal dimensions and weights,” says Ramona Boradshiew, Supervisor, Cargo Sales.

“A big thank you to the captains of Regina Seaways and Victoria Seaways, Alvydas Macius and Kristijanas Kiseliovas, as well as all other involved parties – port offices, stevedores and vessels – who helped to complete the special transport with great co-operation and engagement.”

Unloading of the 206-tonne transformer with the 334-tonne and 59-metre long road train in Klaipėda. This road train is impressive by its dimensions, including 4.55 metre width

July 31, 2019