Magazine follows a Kia Ceed on a DFDS ferry to the UK via Cuxhaven and Immingham

An epic voyage by road, rail and sea awaits the Kia Ceed, which is produced in Slovakia, before the cars are delivered to anticipating new owners, and a crucial part of that journey will be on board a DFDS ferry. Photography: Julian Mackie


Autocar’s Mike Duff has followed a brand-new Kia Ceed from the Žilina factory in Slovakia, crossing several countries before boarding Finlandia Seaways for the last leg of the journey to a UK dealership, a journey made by 45,000 Kia models last year.

All models bound for the UK market are transported to Cuxhaven in Germany by road and rail, where the Cuxport artificial archipelago makes loading the cars a breeze as the deep water allows for easy docking unaffected by tide. Mike and the Ceed encountered a bit more than a breeze, however, as bad weather meant a delay before the cars could be driven on board Finlandia Seaways’ 2,000 lane metres and begin the 22-hour voyage at sea.

Mike Duff shadowed this blue Kia the full journey, careful not to lose sight of the car


After the safe arrival in Immingham, Mike recounts the Kia’s journey from the Žilina factory to the Grimsby Kia dealership. “It has covered around 12 miles under its own power, at least 600 miles by truck or train and 360 miles by sea before it reaches its first British owner. Multiply that by the 15 million cars sold in Europe last year, and you’ve got some idea of the scale of the logistical effort that keeps the car industry in business.”

The sheer number of cars moved at once makes each step in the journey a Herculean effort


Full credit for the story goes to Autocar magazine and Mike Duff. Credit for the photos go to Julian Mackie.


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February 26, 2019