Logistics and Ferry join Tata Steel in Ijmuiden to share and learn

Inside Tata’s autonomous steel warehouse

Last year, some of our DFDS Metal team colleagues visited Volvo Cars in Gothenburg.

This year, DFDS Metal team members from both Logistics and Ferry met with Tata Steel in the Dutch port of Ijmuiden.

Tata Steel is Europe’s second largest steel producer. They make steel in the UK and the Netherlands and have manufacturing plants across Europe.

Niclas Bohlin, Industry Sales Expert for Europe, says: “During our one-day session we delved into what we see as challenges in our respective companies, and we discussed matters like safety and innovation to make sure that we continue to offer the logistics solutions that our customers need now and tomorrow.”

Autonomous steel warehouse optimises storage and reduces damage to cargo
The meet-up also included a visit to Tata’s new autonomous steel warehouse.
“It is a really safe place, as operators are not allowed into the operations area. Tata optimises storage via computer planning and prepares outgoing cargo during the night to better handle inbound cargo during the day. The warehouse is connected to the factory via an autonomous rail connection, and all these processes result in less cargo being damaged and things running more smoothly,” says Niclas.

The importance of working with several levels of the customer organisation
“Knowing the customers on more levels than just logistics means that we get a better understanding of their challenges and are better positioned to work more efficiently and safely. When we also share knowledge with our customers’ colleagues in operations, sales and IT, we build trust both ways, which in turn makes us better able to expand our businesses together,” says Niclas.

July 11, 2019