First sailing on the new Sète – Pendik route completed

In June we announced the addition of the Sète – Pendik route to our France – Turkey route network. Yesterday our freight ferry, UND Ege, completed the first sailing on the route and arrived in Sète with 170 units on board. As you can see below, she was happily welcomed by Peder Gellert Pedersen, EVP & Head of the Ferry Division, his wife Carina Pedersen, Kemal Bozkurt, VP of Operations for BU Med, and Jimmy Marolle, Route Director.

Kemal says: “We will have two weekly sailings between Sète and Pendik, with the ferries UND Ege and UN Karadeniz operating on the route. In total we have four weekly sailings between Turkey and France”

“This route brings a lot of possibilities and potential for growth due to its existing intermodal facilities. It will enable our customers to use trains to central Europe and connect to our DFDS network in northern Europe, forming a more unified transport solution across Europe.

“The small Sète team was assisted by three colleagues from the office in Pendik. They all did a great job working through a tough job on a busy day” says Kemal.


Time for a quick group picture with UND Ege in the background completing her first sailing on the route. From left: Carina Pedersen, Kemal Bozkurt, Peder Gellert Pedersen and Jimmy Marolle

UND Ege unloaded 170 units and loaded 110 in Sète


Kemal Bozkurt, Captain Ismail Besikci and Peder Gellert Pedersen

July 10, 2019