Ferry’s Sales conference: Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

DFDS Win23 strategy sets up ambitious goals of an annual operational profit of at least 5.5 bn in 2023. This ambition rests very much on the shoulders of our sales force, and with this in mind, Peder Gellert had invited 70 sales colleagues from 13 location to the Ferry Sales Conference 2019, which took place over two days in Ghent at the end of October.

How sales are to do their part of the job was the key question at the conference, and after two intense days of networking, learning and discussing, the simple answer was: ‘collaboration’. Or more elaborately, be inspired by best practice and colleagues, improve sales through collaboration – as Kasper Damgaard, VP of BU Metal & Forest and Client Engagement put it.

The emphasis on collaboration shaped all conference activities, including a “Future of Selling” workshop which – with external assistance – dealt with changes in customer behaviour and industries.

Even the entertainment served as ignition for better collaboration. The Danish TV-star Jan Hellesøe challenge participants with a lesson on how mindful we shall be when communicating with our customers and each other.

Collaboration was also the very reason for inviting our customer Outokumpu to the conference. Outokumpu is a global stainless steel manufacturer whose Senior Manager for European Transportation talked about sustainability and digitisation, and the paradigms that shape the future of the industry on all levels – a presentation that scored highest among the participants. Outokumpu also stressed the importance of the overall safety of transportation and – luckily – concluded that DFDS is considered as a reliable partner that can adapt to continuously fluctuating economic indicators.

“Closer partnerships with customers will be a goal for the sales force in the future in our aim to be even more proactive and innovative in the cooperation with customers.”

“It was a fruitful conference which gave us a clear idea of the job we have ahead of us in order to meet our Win23 goals and how we can do it. I was impressed by the dedication I felt among everyone, and thank the organisers from the headquarters and Sam de Wilde’s local team for a very well organised conference,” says Peder Gellert.

At Ferry’s Sales Conference 2019 in Ghent, Jelle Van Koevorden presented the Smart Gate Terminal in Ghent.

November 8, 2019