Challenging situation in the Gothenburg Terminal

The Gothenburg Ro-Ro terminal will be hit by loss of business during the Covid-19 crisis. As the trade union, in contrast to other employees in Sweden, refuses to go on leave based on the Swedish Short- Time Work Allowance, management has no alternative to starting negotiations on staff reductions to bring the terminal through the Covid-19 crisis.

The Gothenburg Ro-Ro terminal in Sweden will also be hit by a Covid-19 reduction in volumes. However, the terminal’s management team is facing a challenging situation as the negotiations about the Short- Time Work Allowance failed.

“Both Sweden, the terminal and our many customers are in an extremely difficult situation. To mitigate the consequences for us and our customers, and to bring the terminal safely through the crisis, we have had a dialogue with our trade union Transportarbetarförbundet in order to temporarily adjust staff in the terminal to the lower workload and at the same time maintain the flexibility of staffing we need to serve ships that depend on weather and wind,” says Björn Wånge, Managing Director of Gothenburg Ro-Ro.

Paid short-term leave in accordance with the Swedish Short- Time Work Allowance has been positively received by employees of many Swedish companies and is seen as an opportunity to jointly help companies and workplaces through the crisis, without permanently damaging the company and employment. Employees get more than 90% of their salary during the leave.

“However, in spite of long negotiations, we failed to reach an agreement on temporary leave for our workers. Therefore, we see no other option than to begin negotiations for termination due to shortage of work. It is a very sad situation, which I regret very much, but we are simply left without any alternatives,” says Björn.

April 3, 2020