Can a ship actually swallow this?

People who do not work in DFDS, would probably not believe that this huge bridge part could actually be loaded onto a ship and sailed across the water from Vlaardingen to Immingham.

44 meters long, 2.9 meters wide, and weighing 68 gross tons (including the trucks transporting the cargo), these parts were at a weight class in a whole other division than the usual cargo.

However, our colleagues know it can, and enthusiastically took up the challenge. After several weeks of preparation, six special transport loads were shipped by Gardenia Seaways on the Rotterdam-Immingham route in one lot. The bridge parts are used for the construction of a bridge for junction 7 on the M4 by Huntercombe.

Due to out of gauge dimensions lorries could only drive and enter our Vlaardingen Terminal in the evening-time under escort.

“With large cargo like this, manoeuvring during the day causes a lot of practical challenges in traffic. Doing it in the evening means that less cars on the road are affected by the transport ensuring a safer and easier escort to lead its movement. There is also less traffic on our terminal at that time.” says Ger van der Vliet, Shipping Logistics Manager.

“Thank you to all staff on the terminals in Rotterdam and Immingham, agencies and the crew on board Gardenia Seaways for the professional team support and collaboration. Job well done”.

November 15, 2019