Concours de rédaction pour jeunes professionnels

If you are a young maritime professional, you also have an opinion about your industry’s path to sustainability. And now, you can make your thoughts matter on a greater scale than usual: The Global Maritime Forum runs an annual essay competition for young talents (18-30), and this year’s entrants are invited to consider how the global maritime sector can contribute to realising the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The three winners of the competition will be invited to attend the Global Maritime Forum’s Virtual High-Level Meeting this year, as well as the Annual Summit in London in 2021, with all expenses covered.

The essay will, obviously, need to be written in English, and the deadline is looming – 19 June – so please do not hesitate to get your thoughts organised and presented in an essay. An international committee will select three winners from the many contributions.

“Young talents may very well be the source of the solutions to many of the challenges our industry is facing, and I would be proud to see some contributions from the many young people at DFDS who I think have the skills it takes to stand out, even on a global scale,” says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Chief People Officer.

Read more about the Global Maritime Forum’s annual Future Maritime Leaders essay competition ici and find last year’s winners’ contributions in this PDF.

9 juin 2020