La sécurité d'abord - également pour les passagers

Since the Safety First program was initiated almost a year ago, the team has created posters, safety guides, videos etc. to share knowledge and experiences about safety on board vessels and in terminals for our colleagues working with heavy cargo.

Marine Superintendent Søren Bildt says: ”We have had a lot of valuable feedback and proactive suggestions from the crews onboard our vessels about how to enhance safety. Some of our cargo vessels have raised the need for not only improving safety for DFDS employees and partners but also for passengers operating their own vehicles during cargo operations. This is a very good suggestion and based on our continuous flow of near-miss reporting and inputs from vessel crews, we have created a poster that is meant to serve as a simple reminder of safe behavior for passengers. The poster is available in six languages which should cover the demography of our customers.”

The posters are available on the Safety First assets page

8 février 2021