Nouvelle présence sur les sites de réservation baltes

The biggest travel agency in Estonia, Estravel AS, owns the only local ferry booking marketplace platforms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Up until early September, it wasn’t possible to purchase DFDS ferry tickets via the platforms. With the work done during the latest ans, DFDS is now represented among all our other competitors in the region.  

Rene Pärt, Sales Manager, says: “We use FerryGateway that ensures direct connection between ferry operators and travel agents so the end customer gets all the information about available services from different ferry operators through the platform directly.  

"FerryGateway sales channel was not used in the Baltics before, so we had some challenges with integrating il to the Estravel sites, making the process a true rollercoaster. I am glad that we finally overcame the last obstacles and launched the cooperation. This shows that hard work and preserverance does pay off. “  

“This gives the rich opportunity to widen our cooperation with Estravel throughout all three Baltic countries and increase our presence in the market. Even though Covid-19 impacts the volumes from the leisure sector, we still have the opportunity to grow together with Estravel AS“ says Rene. 

“After struggling for a long time with getting Estravel live with a direct integration with DFDS through FerryGateway, I am very pleased to see that we are live and the first bookings have started to come in. This shows excellent cooperation between the different stakeholders within the Passenger organisation and will be a great opportunity to grow business on our Baltic routes” says Catharina Hallberg, Head of Global Partnerships. 

21 septembre 2020