Entrées par Chasse Toyah

Vous voyagez au Danemark pour travailler?

  New rules in place to fight the risk of Covid-19 infection Danish authorities have updated Covid-19 travel regulations. Three Covid-19 tests and isolation are now required for people travelling to Denmark to work.  The first test must be done a maximum of 24 hours before the time of entry. Only people who can present a negative test may enter Denmark. Once they have arrived […]

S'améliorer malgré la pandémie

Torben Carlsen’s CEO letter in DFDS’ 2020 CSR Report: The power of commitment  2020 was an extraordinary year that impacted us all. As a transport and logistics company, we are used to being exposed to global events and its impact on our infrastructure. However, the corona pandemic impacted us with such intensity and magnitude that […]

Il est temps d'apprendre et de se développer

New year, new training programmes: Time to let your manager know if you’re interested in joining ZOOM, NAVIGATE, or HORIZON to develop your talent and leadership skills. “Our learning and development programmes aim to nurture our people’s need to grow and develop and support our business goals. We are pleased to be able to continue to offer them despite Covid restrictions. […]

Inscrivez-vous et soyez social

Many of us have good intentions. We plan to go for long walks, call that old friend, roll out the yoga mat or do an online course. Detaching yourself from work is easier said than done. Luckily, Senior Project Manager Karen Baurdoux and Product Marketing Manager Amanda Fellov are here to help.   Lunch or walking, alone and together  After they hosted […]

Comment va ta santé mentale?

There is always someone you can talk to if you are struggling, whether you need advice on how to regain energy or assistance with adjusting your physical working conditions. Find tips on the Bridge, share your concerns with your manager, colleagues, friends or family, or get help from local HR: We will get through this […]

Les gens de mer ont besoin de notre soutien

Seafarers everywhere have been hit hard by the pandemic. Many have been left stranded working aboard ships beyond the expiry of their initial contracts, unable to get home. Others can’t get to work. Fatigue after long periods at sea has significant consequences on their physical and mental wellbeing. It also increases the risk of maritime incidents and environmental […]

Cuxhaven-Immingham amélioré

Selandia Seaways, one of the vessels serving the Cuxhaven-Immingham route  Extra weekly departure from both ports and sailing times reduced by up to four hours. An upgraded scheduled for our Cuxhaven-Immingham route starts in February that benefits our customers.   It includes an additional departure from both ports during evening hours and a reduced 19-hour sailing time.   Cuxhaven Route Director Ortolf Barth […]

Qu'est-ce qui rend DFDS attractif?

Investors and banks take an increasing interest in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) reporting when they assess a company’s valuation, loan terms and investment attractiveness. “Sustainability work in a company like ours means integrating social and environmental concerns into our business operations. One aspect of achieving this is through doing – concrete action like upgrading our […]

Diriger à distance 

  Working from home has been our reality for almost a year now. Social distancing and isolation continue to form the premise of our lives, with no immediate end in sight. How does DFDS best support employees and managers under ever-tightening Corona restrictions? What can we as an employer do to help our colleagues stay […]

Ahrenkiel fait le point sur 2020 

A year into her job as the Chief People Officer, Anne-Christine takes stock of 2020. More focus on HR as a business partner, boosting employees’ possibilities to train and grow and making crewing a global function are a few of the key developments in HR this year. “It’s been a tumultuous year for everyone. This year has been […]

L'intérêt des médias pour le Brexit augmente   

VP and Head of BU Channel Filip Hermann interviewed by Danish public TV in Dover, 12 December  Sunday was the official deadline for a post-Brexit trade agreement between the UK and EU. No deal was made, and negotiations continue. Time is running out and the media is growing increasingly interested in how affected companies intend […]

Larkhall: un meilleur service

Larkhall handles thousands of consignments for the Scottish seafood industry every year. They’re the UK’s main carrier of seafood to the continent and have contracts with all the big salmon exporters, as well as many smaller ones. With the consequences of Brexit kicking in on 1 January – mandatory import and export declarations, as well […]

Vidéo Brexit: nous sommes prêts à aider nos clients

Just a few days to go now before we find out if the EU and UK can agree on a post-Brexit trade deal. In this video from Esbjerg by Danish Shipping, DFDS Senior Vice President Kell Robdrup and the Danish Customs Agency explain how we’re prepared to help importers and exporters, deal or new deal, […]

Larkhall devient plus numérique

A recent collaboration between Technology & Innovation and Larkhall has resulted in better service for logistics customers. They can now track their goods, get precise delivery times and share documentation with customs authorities. This information also helps us optimise planning and save time. A lot of fresh food passes through Larkhall every. Due to a […]

Aidez les clients à se préparer

24 days until the new trade rules between the UK and the EU kick in. We’re hosting a series of webinars this week to help customers get ready:   Customs processes via Belgian ports Time: December 9, 10:00 – 11:00 CET Language: English End of transition period and Belgian implementation of border controls SIGN UP   Customs processes via Dutch ports […]

En cas de doute, demandez aux clients

Technology & Innovation asked customers why they weren’t using MyFreight, our only Brexit-compliant freight booking tool. We used their answers to improve the tool and help customers transition in time for the new year. MyFreight is our only Brexit-compliant booking tool for freight customers. But something was stopping customers from using it.   To avoid messy bookings, delays and frustration after 31 December 2020, we had to figure […]

Les nouvelles vadrouilles économisent l'eau potable

Reducing our environmental footprint means looking at everything we do. It all counts, even mops for cleaning floors. A new type of mop used by our cleaning services supplier Eurest saves thousands of litres of water every year, is better to work with ergonomically and ensures cleaner surfaces. The i-mop is a new kind of […]

Projet: ferry à zéro émission d'Oslo

An illustration of the hydrogen-powered ferry that DFDS and its partners aim to develop.   DFDS and its partners have applied for EU support for development of a ferry powered by electricity from a hydrogen fuel cell which only emits water. Green hydrogen is to be produced by a projected offshore wind energy-powered electrolyser plant […]

150 ans en 45 minutes

CEO Torben Carlsen recently guested the Danish business podcast ‘Millionærklubben’. Hear his reflections on how DFDS has navigated through 150 years of ups and downs, what drives us as a company, our handling of Brexit and Covid-19 and what steering DFDS through challenging times requires: Go to podcast (in Danish)

4 choses que vous devez savoir 

HR Director Nordic and Baltics Karolina Landin and CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft provide a guide to what to do if the “How we deal with each other part” of the Code of Conduct is violated: How we engage with each other has a big impact on our work environment and company culture. The DFDS Code of Conduct details what […]

Les clients ont afflué au webinaire sur le Brexit 

DFDS webinar on new UK border rules drew 400 people. The format works well, helps us get in dialogue with customers and helps us pinpoint what kind of information they need from us. Last week, B2B Marketing and the Immingham office hosted a webinar on the new UK border control rules. Andrew Byrne, Managing Director in Immingham, Richard Ballantyne, a Chief Executive at British […]

Lancement réussi du nouveau ro-pax

The second of our new combined ferry for the Baltics was launched at the Guangzhou Shipyard on 13 November Friday the 13th is considered a unlucky day in Western superstition. Fortunately this is not the case in China. So despite of the date we were confident that the launch of our second ro-pax newbuilding for […]

Ce que le Brexit signifie pour les passagers

Customers can now find up-to-date guidance on travelling to and from the UK after 31 December. Web, email, blog and FAQs updated. With the transition period for the UK leaving the EU coming to an end on 31 December, it is important to communicate to our customers the impact this will have on travel. “The […]