Watch the great video of our first mega freight ferry

We hope you enjoyed the great pictures of our new mega freight ferry during her sea trial.

And there is more to enjoy: The drone that took the photographs, also made live recordings, and now Marketing has edited the recordings into a fantastic video. It gives an even better impression of the ship – how she sails and the sheer size of her decks.

Name to be changed
In the video, she carries the name Gothia Seaways. “However, this will be changed. As we have decided to direct the first two of the vessels to our trade between Turkey and the EU, she will be reflagged to the Turkish flag and also be renamed in accordance with the beautiful principle of naming the ships after local sites that reflect the rich cultural history of the region,” says Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of the Ferry Division.

“The new name, which will be used along with Seaways, will be one of the names suggested by Hasan Göler in a naming competition. The list includes Troy, Cappadocia, Olympos, Ephesus, Assos, Artemis, Aspendos, Dardanelles, Zeugma, Sumela, Myra and Pergamon, and you are free to guess. However, according to tradition, we won’t reveal the name beforehand,” he says.

“We will inform you in more detail as soon as the ship has been formally delivered and we can tell more precisely when she will arrive in Turkey and we can enjoy a proper naming ceremony. This will be in March. I can also guarantee that we will be back with more specific information about when this will take place and when she will enter service in due time.”

January 31, 2019