Technical Organisation and Newbuilding & Major Conversions to stay with Ferry Division

Organisation: The Technical Organisation and Newbuilding & Major Conversions are now permanently placed in the Ferry Division under Peder Gellert, EVP.

When Henrik Holck left DFDS last year, the Technical Organisation and Newbuilding & Major Conversions were moved to the Ferry Division as an interim solution. However, the experiences have been good and now it has been decided to make this solution permanent. This means that Thomas Mørk, VP and Head of Technical Organisation, will continue to report to Peder Gellert as will Jesper Aagesen, Head of Newbuilding & Major Conversions.

“It has proven to be an excellent structure in spite of the more commercial nature of ferry. After all, reliability is a main parametre for our customers, and reliability of ships very much depends on their technical performance. At the same time, developing and constructing new ships is about offering the best solutions for our customers and meeting their requirements,” says Peder Gellert.

“Fleet Management that is a link between the technical and commercial departments is already part of the Ferry Division. And luckily, my own lack of technical expertise is more than compensated for by Thomas Mørk and Jesper Aagesen who are both extremely skilled and knowledgeable and supported by very skilled and motivated people in their organisations. I welcome Thomas and Jesper and their staff as permanent members of the Ferry Division and look forward to continuing working with them to provide the ships and services our customers need,” Peder says.

Marine standards to Torben Carlsen
At the same time, it has been decided to place Marine Standards directly under Torben Carlsen. “Michael Stig who is Director of Marine Standards already reports to Torben in his role as designated person. And furthermore, Marine standard should not be part of the organisation it will be auditing for its safety and security procedures,” Peder says.

Michael Stig will in the future report to Torben Carlsen, both as designated person and as Director of Marine Standards.

February 27, 2020