Shipping and Logistics launches their annual customer focus survey

Shipping and Logistics recently launched their annual customer survey, this year to no fewer than 8,000 customers. The purpose of the survey is to measure the ‘temperature’ and satisfaction among our customers and detect trends, good or bad. The questionnaire includes both multiple choice answers and the opportunity to provide comments which will give valuable feedback for each location.

The customer survey will be followed by a staff survey, as there is a firm correlation between strong customer satisfaction, excellent customer service and job satisfaction among customer-facing staff. The staff will be asked to answer questions about what could be done to improve interaction with customers and to what extent they would recommend DFDS as a place of employment.

Jens Juel, Head of Strategic Sales, says: “Continuous improvement in customer services and operational efficiency are some of the key drivers of sustainable, profitable growth and this is why the customer focus surveys are so important to us. We have high ambitions and hope for even better results compared to last year.”

The survey will close on 28 September and the results will be available for the local offices on 10 October.


September 18, 2018