Regina Seaways: Crew did great

Yesterday, when the fire alarm sounded on Regina Seaways, the crew started assembling passengers at the muster stations to prepare for an evacuation as the CO2 fire extinguishing system has been activated, however, the crew was able to determine that there was no heat development quite early on and therefore no fire. After a couple of hours, the crew had ventilated the engine room and the damage could be inspected.

The crew succeeded in starting the other of the two main engines, allowing the ship to continue her journey towards Klaipeda, albeit at a slower pace of 11-12 knots.

At about 09:00 PM CET, the cargo could be discharged, and the passengers were able continue their journey with a delay of approximately five hours.

The professional crew kept things calm on board, and the extra waiting time was made a lot more pleasant by 64 young musicians, who were on their way from Kiel to a performance in Mazeikiai. In the aftermath of the emergency, they entertained the passengers with some great music, as you can see in the photo that was taken when the ship was still without propulsion.

“It is very unfortunate when we have such incidents, and I hope that our passengers arrived at their destinations without too much delay. From what we have heard and seen, the crew did a fantastic job taking care of the customers on board and getting the engine running again. Therefore, our great appreciation goes to Captain Andrejus Simutis and his crew as well as the many people ashore who supported the ship, coordinated things and took good care of the passengers and  cargo at arrival in Klaipeda. We must always do our best to avoid these incidents, but there are no guarantees that such incidents can ever be completely avoided. Therefore, it is very comforting to see how well everyone acted at sea and ashore to handle and coordinate things with the best interest of our passengers and customers in mind. Thank you to everyone,” says Niels Smedegaard.

The initial reports of a fire on board spread fast in the media, but they came from other sources than DFDS and we corrected them as quickly as possible.

Revamping sailings

It may take at least a week or two before Regina’s engine has been thoroughly checked and the cause for the breakdown found and repaired. “In the meantime we will try to mitigate the consequences for the service of our customers by moving the ships between routes so we use our capacities in best possible way until Regina can be back in service again,” says Anders Refsgaard who expects to be ready with a plan for this tomorrow at the latest.


The technical failure unfortunately meant that our passengers had to stay on board for a longer time than expected, and therefore, the crew offered the passengers free meals and beverages and also a hotel room if they considered it too late to continue their journey when arriving at 10 pm local time in Klaipeda. In addition to this, The German Youth Symphony Orchestra who were underway to a Lithuanian arts festival, made the additional waiting time on board a lot more pleasant by entertaining the passengers with music.  

October 3, 2018